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first STM board: STM32F7-disco; newbie questions

Question asked by bigdawg on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2015 by Amel N
I have embedded experience with other dev board like TI tiva, NXP's LPC 1769 etc, however, this is my first foray into a STM board. my goal is to port my existing firmware to this board and I'll be glad if someone here can guide me along. So far, I have found STM world to be too complicated software/documentation side compared to other boards I have used; and for whatever reason, I am unable to get any hits using search function on this forum. 

I have got the STM32F7-disco, which is my first M7 board, and I have a few questions on how to go about setting it up. I am using the system workbench for STM32 as my IDE since that's the only one I could find which was supported for STM32F7.

I am trying to figure out which libraries I'll use for the project; and I am unable to find much options in this regard. I'll like to have as simple a solution as possible. 

can anyone tell me the starting point for this board? I have ofcourse read through this UM1907: Discovery kit for STM32F7 Series with STM32F746NG MCU, but that doesnt give me a good overview to STM32 tools. 

The only other thing I found was  UM1905: Description of STM32F7xx HAL drivers; but thats too dense for what I want to do, and I am all ears if I can get away without using HAL.

Is this board mbed compatible? can I instead use their libraries for my firmware?