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Question asked by rocca.andres on Jun 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by Enrico Poli
I'm using L6482H in my board. I changed original MOSFET (eval6482h)  and now I use STP35NF10.
My board work ok with default parameters.
Im working in STEP_MODE with 1/8 microstep. Rsense = 0.1R / VS = 43V
At low revolution, torque is really great but I cant to get good torque (or similar at low speed) when my board is set at 260RPM for example.
Question1: Predictive current control is working in step_mode ???
Question2: Is possible to modify tcc,tdt,tblank registers to get better torque at high revolution?

I checked setting board in full step. of course, torque is better but i cant to get a desired torque in high speed.
Is very important to me solve this. I have a lot of machines waiting for this design.

I have in mind, check all time step frequency and modify tval_hold in different speed and get equal torque in all range of my application.
Please, ST Team...Help with this. Im sorry for my english!!!