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Nucleo-STM32F072RB direct USB firmware flashing

Question asked by leighton.luke on Aug 22, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2015 by leighton.luke
hi folks,

i've a soft spot for the STM32 series after managing to make a USB audio device a couple of years ago, using a lowly STM32F103.  so for a new project i am delighted to find that the price has reduced considerably and that USB2 is available on the STM32F072 series, and i am doing a keyboard-scanner, mouse-pad, SPI-driven LCD, Power Manager and Real-Time clock project.

so before i commit to the PCB, i've bought a Nucleo-STM32F072RB and i need to test programming it directly over USB, with openocd.  i don't want to be using the STM32103, as that will not be on the final product: i need the STM32F072RB, and that will be emulating USB-HID devices.

am i right in thinking that i can pretty much just plug in a USB cable directly into PA11 and PA12, make sure BOOT0 is set correctly, power up and... that's it?

much appreciated the advice.