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Locked Nucleo L053R8?

Question asked by snyder.joe on Aug 22, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2015 by snyder.joe
I was developing a system on the Nucleo board.  I then moved it to a custom proto PCB which I was programming from the Nucleo on-board ST Link.  Everything was great up to that point.

When I reverted back to use the Nucleo on its own, I now get the error in EWARM: "Do you want to perform a mass erase to unlock the device?".  Choices are OK or Cancel.  Cancel obviously does nothing, and OK gives me a Busy window where it says it's flashing the program memory.  Then it just sits there indefinitely with the bi-color LED blinking at me.  

The jumpers for the ST Link are on, and I have changed nothing on the Nucleo board.  I pulled the jumpers and programmed the standalone board, and that still works.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Possibly ESD damage to the main part of the Nucleo board?