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STM32F0 Nucleo(F070RB) board bootloader

Question asked by seed on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2015 by seed

I am trying to connect to the bootloader on nucleo -F070Rb board. I tried the Flash loader Demonstrator, but I get "No response from the target...". I tried to send the start comman byte (0x7F) using realterm with different boardrates and
parity Even set, but no response back. Is it somehting I am missing?

I have configured like this:
* Enabled BOOT0 (jumper on pin 5-7 of CN7)
* Verified that BOOT1 bit is set in option bytes using STM32 st-link utility
* Connected UASRT1, PA9(CN10-21pin) and PA10(CN10-33pin) and verified that it works with application example(UART_TwoBoards_ComIT)
* the board is powered using usb