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Communication STM32F3 to STM32F4

Question asked by ucuncu.furkan on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by Clive One
Hi Friends,

I'm working in a company temporarily. They gave me two boards. STM32F303VC and STM32F429ZI. I have one project to do. This project is about to communication between two boards. It's simple but i'm new in this things. Communication is not gonna happen with uart spi or i2c. Just usb. 

I will send some data to usb port from F303. Its only job is this. And this is port1. I will connect F429 to port2. So they will connect separately. F429 is gonna read the data from port1. At last F429 is gonna monitorize this information. So i will use mems via f3 and monitorize it via f4. But at first step i want to send dummy data to learn this communicate. For example i want to send zeros and ones and monitorize it. Even if i do this, it'll be enough for me. The problem is i dont know where to start. I dont have any example about that. So dudes, if you know something about doing this, help me please

Thank you, Kind Regards...