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USB Data Transfer at High Speed

Question asked by roque.pedro on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by roque.pedro
Good afternoon to everyone!

I want to develop a system around the stm32f4discovery hardware (I own this board) that acquires data from peripherals (one IMU, GPS and internal ADC) and ships it through USB to a HOST PC that does some calculations to get the attitude and position of an RC Plane. 

Now, I've read about USB classes and I guess that what I want is the USB CDC class, but a question arises:
- Some people say that this is like a virtual com port, where the baudrate does not interfere with speed: is this true?
- If so, what is the maximum theoretical speed, considering I am using the OTG_HS_x ports?
- For the architecture I am looking for, is this the best solution?

Thank you in advance!