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SOLVED: Intermittent "No ST-Link detected" message

Question asked by Brooks.David.001 on Aug 4, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by Clive One
So, I'm having the same problem with the ST-Link driver as those in the past. Sometimes the driver works and I am able to connect via the ST-Link Utility and IAR Workbench. When it does not work, I cannot connect to either. I have not come up with an exact sequence of events that brings the system back to life, but rebooting appears to be required. I'm not trying to run my code. I'm just trying to download various Examples code. When LD1 on the ST_LINK front end of the Discovery Board is flashing slow, nothing works. I can generally reboot and LD1 will flash a little faster. In those cases, I can usually connect. If I then get the IAR debugger up and running, it crashes within a few hours because the connection to ST-LINK was lost.  Here is my environment:

Windows 7
ST-LINK Utility v3.7.0
STLinkUSBDriver.dll v4.4.0.0
IAR Workbench v7.40.3.8938