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STM32F7 DISCO : Demo not finding any audio/video files ?

Question asked by schulze.l.004 on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2015 by schulze.lutz
Was anyone succesful in playing audio or video files with the demo sw ? My demo sw could not find any file on USB or SDcard.

I tried both USB-Ports ( but not the USB-Debugger port ) with different adapter cables included one from an other ST Eva-Kit. The files on SDcard and USB Memory stick are the same. Most of the files are from the other ST-Eva-Kit. I added more files of every type (mp3, wav, flv, mp4, emf) I can think of.

In file select menu you can select between two "drives" ( "0" and "1"). What is drive "0" and what is drive "1" ? USB HS and FS or USB (HS/FS?) and SDcard or ???

Or do I need a special directory tree on the drives ?

Or a special file system (FAT16/32 or ???)

Thanks for your help.