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Stm32f429 w/ili9341 using LTDC

Question asked by hegedus.jason on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by hegedus.jason

I'm not sure what happened to my first post, but everything I originally typed was lost.

At any rate, to the point, I can't seem to avoid a snowy background to any picture I produce on the 429Discovery LCD board using LTDC.  If I write directly to the screen using SPI, a black background appears opaque/flat black and everything is perfect.  If I write to a layer using LTDC, snow appears on the screen behind whatever color I'm trying to fill the framebuffer with.

I've tried various clock settings (Usually ending up at 6MHz max for the LTDC/LCD setup), various system clock/PLL settings, various LCD configuration settings (Register/data combos), various LTDC/layer settings.  I can make minor changes to what makes the snow a little less noticeable, but it still remains.

I have used/tested the TM library at STDiscovery, and those colors/fills appear flat black and are using LTDC.  I've tried comparing all the settings to my program, and everything appears to be parallel.  I have the feeling I'm overlooking something silly.

I can indeed use the aforementioned library, but I had originally started doing this on my own.  I got far enough to produce an image and can put a pixel on the screen, but the snow annoys me.  I was hoping to finish what I started and then I can always go onto using a better library (It's a personal thing).

At any rate, please let me know if you need further information.  I'm hoping someone might have experienced something similar and can tell me something I've done silly.  Thanks in advance for any help you may provide!