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STM32F429I-Discovery Missing serial COM?

Question asked by afonso.luis.002 on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2015 by afonso.luis.002
Hi Everyone.

I'm having some doubts about the discovery boards.
I have a nucleo board and a STM32F429I discovery board (the one with a LCD).

In the nucleo board I had next to no problems sending data to the serial monitor (weird that it was missing a 0-ohm resistors for the pinout on those USART pins).

In the Discovery boards it doesn't even show a COM. It only adds a "Universal Serial Bus Devices" called "STM32 STLink". Is this normal? Maybe a driver I am missing that I can't find? Or a hardware config?
 Doesn't STLink allow Serial-USB conversion in a set USART like in the nucleo boards?
It seems PA10 (USART1_RX) and PA9 (USART_TX) seems to be connected to the ST link according to the schematic.