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L3GD20 gyroscope value drift on STM32F3-Discovery

Question asked by on Jul 10, 2015
Using a D/A the converter I am now able to monitor the gyroscope rotational accelration around the x axis as a voltage.

I run the gyroscope at 190 Hz rate and read the oscilloscope in a thread every time the the DRDY interrupt gives a semaphore.

When the STM32F3-Discovery board is placed on a desk, the output is about 4500 mdps (milli degrees per second) velocity around the x axis. This is within the specified zero-rate level in the L3GD20 specification pdf, which says I can expect +- 15 dps. No surprise there.

I take 3000 samples (which takes about 15s) to get rid of the offset, but even then the D/A converter shows that the zero-rate level keeps drifting.

The L3GD20 Data Sheet doesn't say anything about a settling time, so I wonder what experiences others have had?