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STEVAL-MKI117V1 audio output

Question asked by sangermann.marc on Jan 12, 2015

I'm runnig a small research project with the STEVAL-MKI117V1 evaluation board. At the moment I'm facing some problems with accessing the audio data stream. Hopefully someone can answer my questions:
1. Is it possible to connect directly to the STEVAL-MKI117V1 with the APWorkbench or do I need another eavaluation board? At the moment I'm receiving a FTDI error message, which can be seen in the attached image, although the "CDM v2.12.00 WHQL Certified" FTDI driver is aready installed.
2. I tried to access the audio data through the I2S interface at the APWlink+ connector. Unfortunately "I2S_DAT_12" is always low and "I2S_BICK" and "I2S_LRCK" are always high, so no data is transmitted.
3. Is it possible to get access to the STM32F107RC microcontroller?

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