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About LSM330DLC Gyroscopes reflow solder problem

Question asked by chen.xianmin on Jun 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2014 by Ivan Ivanov

We used LSM330DLC Gyroscopes in electric self-balancing unicycle. There is one problem of LSM330DLC  after reflow solder. 
The LSM330DLC has offset to detect the angle from the vertical direction. The offset may be 0-7 degree, but they are still in good working condition.
I made 1000 units of  LSM330DLC based controller two times using reflow solder. The ratio is about 15% that has offset problem. Others are good.
How to solve this problem?
Do you think the LSM330DLC are affected by damp? 

The caution about LSM330DLC is as follows.
1.After sealed bag is opened, devices that subjected to reflow solder must
a) mounted within: 168 hours at factory conditions <30 ℃/60%RH
b) stored at <10℃/60%RH

The LSM330DLC is not stored with above condition
 I really didn't bake them befor  reflow solder.
Do you think the offset problem can be solved if I baked the LSM330DLC before reflow solder?

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