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ST demo M24LRxx_Application Software (Demo Kit USB based), reader application differences

Question asked by tbg on Jul 30, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2013 by ST NFC

I try to find out the difference between Reader Application M24LR04E and Reader Application M24LR16E when it comes to data reading.

As far as I understood both components (M24LR04E and M24LR16E)  operate with identic commands.
In my case I only want to read data from block 0x000 to 0x00F. On both components exist the requested memory range. Further I do not use any password protection.
When I read data from M24LR16E with Reader Application M24LR04E all what I get back is just "no Tag answer".

Why only M24LR16E works with Reader Application M24LR16E and not with Reader Application M24LR04E? Where is the difference?