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stm32f4discovery ,how to launch lcd display by fsmc ?are there any interference by leds which are embedded on board to same pins for lcd?

Question asked by mirkasimov.ulugbek on Feb 22, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2014 by boge.joerg
hi guys,it's my first visit in the group, can you help me ,i have recently bought stm32f4discovery board and learning  arm controllers ,before i used avr risc 8bit controllers and have more skills in it ,but to do big projects in avr is impossible ,however now i'm using stm32 and i would like to work with embedded lcd display  (in my board used st8377).i have motherboard for stm32f4discovery and there is possibility to connect lcd by motherboard to stm32f4discovery ,i think you know it .But i cann't  launch lcd ,exactly it's running with white screen but in program i would like to change colors ,red green .....,can you help me if i post my program ?