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Starting ROM bootloader on STM32F429 Discovery

Question asked by ronningen.anders on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by ronningen.anders
I want to enter the Bootloader on STM32F429 Discovery and reprogram the internal flash via I2C.

I read AN2606 and then connected the following pins from my I2C master:
SDA <-> PB9
SCL <-> PB6
BOOT0 <-> 3v

Is this correct? I get no serial output on the microusb port anymore, so *something* has happened. i2cdetect detected nothing on the bus. Should it have been able to detect the bootloader if it had started?

Assuming I eventually get into this bootloader. Is there a ready implementation of the i2c-bootloader protocol for linux out there? Should be able to write it myself, but have no real desire to do it :)