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PWM with eMIOS on group0 ch 0..5

Question asked by StefanP on Mar 31, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by StefanP
it's my first Project with a SPC560D40 an SPC5 Studio. I'm trying to generate PWM-Signals on the Pins RA0 to RA5. When I look in the eMIOs Settings of the SPC560Dxx HAL Driver Component, I can only activate eMIOs group 0 (Channel 9..15) or Group1 (Channels 17..23) but RA0 to RA5 should be Channel 0..5. For these Channels I can only activate ICU drivers.
Is this right? Is there an other way to activate PWM on these channels? The provided documentation for SPC5 is very rare. Can I programm it in my own driver?

Thanks for help