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STM32 Nucleo memory mapping

Question asked by ganesan.karthik on May 4, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by romain reicher
Hi, I'm trying to understand the memory mapping used on the STM32 Nucleo series of boards. Specifically, I'm trying to understand how I can use SRAM vs Flash for program execution. 
  • In short, i am trying to get my program to use either all Flash ( for program execution as well as any memory i need during execution ) or all SRAM. 
  • By default, the program seems to load into Flash ( since its still there when i do a power cycle ). Is it possible to start a program from SRAM? Its ok if its volatile, i can program it when i start up. 
  • The reference manual says that there is a 64K region of memory that can be used as Main Flash Memory/ System Memory or SRAM depending on BOOT configuration. So if i alter the appropriate BOOT pins, can i get the program to execute out of SRAM instead of Flash? 
Any help with clearing this up would be appreciated. I just dont want to brick my board!