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INemo Engine Lite

Question asked by yvraut.gerard on Jan 13, 2014
In the iNemo Engine Lite Version 1.2.0 (FW V.2.3.0) when analizing the EKF Prediction state I came to the conclusion that the quaternion update is not using the same mathematical function defined by the pMat_Fsys that is passed to the iNemo_PropagateP.
If I am correct this does not seem to be a proper implementation of a Kalman filter. 
Thus I have a few questions:
1- Is the iNemo Engine Lite implemetation correct (and if not is there an update planned any time soon)?
2- More generaly speaking where can I find a description of the iNemo Engine providing  details on the actual implementation, e.g. including, among others, the description of the mathematical  model used in the iNemo Lite Engine Kalman filter design?