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LIS3MDL offset

Question asked by Sitnikov.Vjacheslav on Jul 9, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2014 by winer.kris
I received some results from LIS3MDL.
I tried to measure the magnetic field of the Earth = 0.05 mT = 0.5gauss. Full scale setting = ±4gauss. If I rotate the magnetometer Y axis towards the north I receive 0xF3E0 (-3104) = -0.45gauss, if  rotate Y towards south - 0xECAB (-4949) = -0.72gauss. If I rotate X axis towards north - 0x1288 (4744) = 0.69 gauss, X towards south -> 0x0B2E = 0,41 gauss.
Where did this offset means?
Maybe I missed something?