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First step with Nucleo F091RC

Question asked by perun.raphael on Apr 21, 2015
Hello everybody,
I got a Nucleo F091RC and I'm starting programming but it is pretty complex.
I use Coocox and GCC compiler. I try to understand how my board works with the HAL libraries.
First I would like to change the clock system in the "system_stm32f0xx.c" (which is 8MHz) and I'd like to work at 48MHz using HSE and PLL MULL * 6.
Then I'd like to know how to configure the different peripheral structures : eg. RCC_OscInitTypeDef / SPI_HandleTypeDef / UART_HandleTypeDef / etc...
I try to find where these structures are declared and what parameters I can put into them but I only found example, not showing exactly my expectations...

Thank you all for your help to a beginner :)