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STM32F429I DISC - UART1 - HALDriver

Question asked by over.felix on Apr 16, 2015
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Hello everybody,

first i want to say that im new in the big world of microcontroller,only a basic knowledge. But now i HAVE to work with the STM32F429I-Discovery and the newest Keil uVision v5.15 and the newest CMSIS HAL Drivers.

For the beginning i want to use a Uart Port to put some Values on my Console. A simple task i thought but it will not work, there is no output in my putty but "the driver" returns no error.

 Can someone have a look on my Code maybe i forgot something (Enable a clock, wrong frequency , wrong pin config etc.) Some parts of the the code i create with STM32CubeMX but these porgrams do not support the "package selection"- thing in keil so i put the config code in my keil project.

OR a different idea: can someone a keil-project where only the U(S)ART1 is enabled in asynchron and Baudrate 115200  . and send a simple "A" over the Pin PA9.

Code in next post: