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STM32F4-Discovery + STM32F4-DIS-BB - Cube lwIP port

Question asked by smith.mark.005 on Apr 8, 2015
Hi, i'm trying to port hte STM32F4xG_EVAL example to STM32F4-Discovery along with STM32-DIS-BB. I have referenced the Embest's example for discovery and the 4xG example and i'm stuck.

I've copied the project:


and made minor changes to main.c about the LEDs present on the board. Then I changed the ethernetif.c. Basically what i've done is changed the GPIO mapping, media control to RMII and the phy address to LAN8720 (i'm not sure what does this address in the EthInit structure mean).

The lwIP reports netif link is up (via LED) and RTOS is scheduling it's task normally, but I cannot find it in my router's DHCP clients (nor access it for that matter). I've checked all the preprocessor defines, and they're ok. Router is also fine, the Embest's project works fine and i can access the webpage. Something's missing and for the past few days I have not figured out what. I'm new to ethernet and this driver library. Ethernetif is the only meaningful change i've made with regards to the provided 4xG example.

If anyone can help, I would appreciate it very much. I have attached the ethernetif.c and here's a pastebin link also.

Thank you.