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LCD TFT Hello World at 8bpp? How? on STM32429I DISCO

Question asked by gtenrreiro on Mar 22, 2015

Using the STM32429I DISCO demo board which has a 320x240 TFT LCD.

Running one of the demos in the STM32CubeF4, that uses the "STemWin" library to write a "Hello World!" message on the LCD.

By default the demo uses the SRAM and it has a bit depth of 32bpp (bits per pixel).

Is it possible to change the code to only use 8bpp?

If I change the driver from:




the project compiles, but the screen looks weird, and I can't see Hello World anymore. 

If I set it to:


I can kind see hello world 2 twice on the screen so there is some sort of width / height calculation issue, and not sure how to resolve it. Also I don't know if this is just a software thing, or if it would require a hardware change, like changing the lines going to the LCD?

I am new to development with an LCD so I am a bit lost. Any help appreciated.