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STM32L152RE along with x-Nucleo-IDB04A1 problem

Question asked by eltabbakh.mohamed on Mar 19, 2015
Hello everyone,

I'm doing my thesis on some issue involving Bluetooth Low energy, and i've recently bought STM32L152RE with a BlueNRG expanstion board x-Nucleo-IDB04A1..

I have downloaded STM32CubeL1, X-CUBE-BLE1 and OSXSmartConnPS. I am using IAR for compiling and debugging.

i found out that all the examples for BLE are for STM32L053R8 and STM32F401RE Nucleo boards. Does that mean that i can't run those examples on my board?!!

i have already tried running them. Debugging was successful, but when i installed the android app on my phone to test the applications (examples), no BLE devices are listed or found.

any help on that?