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Power Supply phase-neutral 230V or Phase-phase 400Vac with L6566BH

Question asked by maioli.marco.001 on Aug 21, 2013
We used eDesignSuite. The Vin is designed from 90Vac to 400Vac (phase-neutral or phase-phase) and the Vout is 16V, 1.3A (max) (about 21W), in QR mode with fmin 150kHz and Fmax 300kHz.
If we supply the circuit with 400Vac, after a few hours of work, the Rs burns as well as the resistor in series to the gate of the mosfet and the mosfet goes in short. In some cases the L6566BH explodes. In past we used the L6565 and the same thing happened. If we supply the circuit with 230Vac, all works well without problems.
What can it be?
Someone can help us?
Thank you for support