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2 udp server with stm32f429 broblem

Question asked by farm.james on Mar 7, 2015

i used two stm32f429 eval board's as udp server that connected to one pc client and use STM32Cube_FW_F4_V1.3.0(LwIP_UDP_Echo_Server) code

pc(as client)<------>(ethernet hub switch)|<----->server-1(stm32f429 as udp server)

                                                                  |<----->server-2(stm32f429 as udp server)
i set pc ip as
server-1(stm32f429) ip =
server-2(stm32f429) ip =
and Gateway Address for 2 severs
#define GW_ADDR0   192
#define GW_ADDR1   168
#define GW_ADDR2   0
#define GW_ADDR3   1
when i connect all them to a ethernet hub switch .server-1 & server-2 not work correct but when i connect them to router with gateway address ( ).two servers work Properly

pc(as client)<------>( router "")|<----->server-1(stm32f429 as udp server)
                                                                    |<----->server-2(stm32f429 as udp server)

do need ethernet communication between 2 STMf429 devices to router modem?
why lwip don't work with hub switch.set Gateway Address for servers in lwip code mean them need to connect router with ip = ??????