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STM32F4xx USB Timeout

Question asked by alex.john on Mar 3, 2015
I got a STM32F4xx discovery kit, and I try to implement the USB CDC device example from the sample project provided.

I have a problem when I try to use USB FS to send and write.

I am sending 25 bytes of data every 10ms(100Hz) from STM to PC
and PC also send data of 25 bytes  every 10ms(100Hz)

I have no problem, running it for few seconds, then my PC application starts
to get write timeout...

It seems that the firmware cant clean the NAK and it causes the buffer to overflow..

Is there anyway I can improve this problem? how to solve this problem?

I also try to implement my own code using STMCubeMx for USB device and I have the same problem...

I have configured my timeframe to be 1ms