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Issues in X-CUBE-BLE1 with MDK-ARM (Keil) !!!

Question asked by mulleria.ganesha on Mar 1, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2015 by Clive One

I was recently at ST Booth, Embedded world in Nürnberg. I received two development kits - STM32 dev kit (NUCLEO--L053R8) and Bluetooth add on board (X-NUCLEO-IDB04A1). Microcotroller I have on dev kit is STM32L053R8T6.

To begin with I downloaded Bluetooth low energy BlueNRG software for STM32, expansion for STM32Cube (part number :  X-CUBE-BLE1).
I am using a 32K evaluation version Keil MDK-ARM compiler. I could flash the software but it did not work for me. When I tried to scan via BlueNRG app in my android phone, I never saw the device. To debug the problem I did a single stepping through the code and found code to jump at places. So I thought may be it is a optimization problem. So decreased the optimization level at compile time. It did not work.

Then I used the IAR EWARM compiler for same project and it did work.

So I think source code has no problem but MDK-ARM settings are not correct. Could you please suggest me solution to get it work along ARM-MDK.

My Keil MDK-ARM version :  µvision