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SPIRIT1 STack problem

Question asked by dauphin.loic on Feb 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2016 by AvaTar

I am currently testing the code examples provided with the SPIRIT evaluation kit.
(the kit used is STEVAL-IKR002Vx). The exmple name is "StackGeneric".

The behaviour is, quite weird. Indeed, when I send 3 messages for example, sometimes the receiver only get the first one, sometimes the last one, sometimes it only receive a part of the packet.

With some investigation, i found that, for a fixed payload of 20bytes, the first message received was only of 19bytes length (I think that is why some messages are not complete).

An other thing, the sequence number does not increase at each packet received.

Does someone have an idea about this problem ?


Loïc Dauphin