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C:\SPC5Studio\ude Missing folder

Question asked by pdp on Oct 10, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2013 by pdp
I'm evaluating SPC5 studio.
I have installed :
1) SPC5 Studio 1.3 downloaded form st site
2) SPC5-UDESTK (128K limited edition) file ude-4-00-09-spc5-udestk.exe downloaded form

In both instruction (st and pls) I found :
"Run setup.exe and follow in the installing instructions. The SPC5-UDE/STK starterkit version will be installed into the directory
C:\SPC5Studio\ude "
But I haven't run.exe and nor st_spc5studio nor pls_ude_... create the C:\SPC5Studio\ude folder.

Where I can found a complete project with a configured debugger example?

Thanks for any useful response

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