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[SOLVED] STM32F3-Discovery: HSE never switches to ready, no 72 MHz

Question asked by sunside on Feb 21, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2015 by sunside
I'm trying to get a STM32F3-Discovery to run on 72 MHz. I have a test project set up here on GitHub. The project is nothing fancy, basically a default project generated from GNU ARM Toolchain for Eclipse.

However, in the SetSysClock() code (here), the loop that waits for the HSE to become ready always times out, so I'm stuck with the 8 MHz internal oscillator.

I tried RCC_HSEConfig(RCC_HSE_ON) as well as RCC_HSEConfig(RCC_HSE_Bypass) (which I assume is what I need), to no avail. This is on a plain F3-Discovery, i.e. only the 8 MHz osc from the ST-Link, no osc on X2.

Am I doing anything wrong?