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VNH3SP30: PWM operation for a 30V DC Motor

Question asked by martinez.fernando on May 23, 2013


I’m planning to use the motor driver VNH3SP30 to manage a DC motor that operates at 30V. The maximum current is 12A and the control will be made with a PWM signal of about 9 kHz. According to datasheet, the operating supply voltage is 5.5-36V. But looking for information about this device on the Internet, I have read that shoot-through currents make PWM operation impractical above 16V. Is that true? Can I have problems if I try to drive a 30V motor with the VNH3SP30?

And I have another question. In the datasheet I have read that a blocking capacitor between VCC and GND is necessary (500μF per 10A load current is recommended). Is this capacitor really necessary? Because I've seen quite a few schematics with this device, and this capacitor is never used. Could this capacitor improve the PWM operation?