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Best way to debug a STM32L152 Discovery board

Question asked by Per Smitt on Feb 6, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2015 by Per Smitt

I am working with a discovery board with an embedded ST-Link. Debugging over the embedded ST-Link works great over USB. However I need to develop software that uses the USB port as a USB HID Device. Doing this without debugging will be harsh so I am wondering what is the best practice to solve this.

In the manual for the discovery board it mentions I can debug another STM32 using the built in ST-Link and connect through the SWD port. Can I use the same SWD port to control my current processor, and if so would I connect an external ST-Link to it?

Another alternative is using PA13-PA15 and PB3, PB4 and make my own JTAG connector. What confuses me here is that I only have 5 pins but if I look at the ST-Link manual there are 6 signals listed for JTAG (except for VCC and GND).

Maybe I am confusing things due to inexperience here, so any advice is appreciated. I'm open to any solution including getting one more discovery board if I can use one board to debug the other. I will have to get another board anyway because I need to experiment with I2C and I want to see both ends of the communication.

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