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Polar SSL Client Application in STCube

Question asked by steve.glover on Feb 2, 2015
I have a STM3240G-EVAL board and I'm trying to run the Polar SSL Client example code from STCube, using Keil V5.12.0.0. I have PuTTY setup to view the output from the EVAL board. When I run ssl_server.exe (from Cube) i get the following output:

  . Loading the server cert. and key... ok
  . Bind on https://localhost:4433/ ... ok
  . Seeding the random number generator... ok
  . Setting up the SSL data.... ok
  . Waiting for a remote connection ... ok
  . Performing the SSL/TLS handshake... failed
  ! ssl_handshake returned -29056
Last error was: -29056 - SSL - Verification of the message MAC failed
  . Waiting for a remote connection ...

Has anyone managed to get this example code working?
Any suggestions how to get it working?