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Stm32f407 httpserver project allowed code size problem

Question asked by cinar.Abdullah on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2015 by cinar.Abdullah
I want to use webserver connection with stm32f407 and i found this and downloaded :

I'm using keil uvision 5 and trying to build the httpserver project but i'm getting this error :
.\STM324xG_EVAL\STM324xG_EVAL.axf: error: L6050U: The code size of this image (34892 bytes) exceeds the maximum allowed for this version of the linker.

First i tought its about the licence problem(that unlicenced keil doesnt let to build projects that exceeds 32kb). Then i tried to build this project on a licenced keil but i'm still getting this error. Do you know about why i'm getting this error?Thanks for helps.