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STM32Discovery RTC issue with CubeMX

Question asked by grochowski.macie.002 on Jan 26, 2015
Hello, I've tried to run default RTC configuration at STM32L Discovery demo board using cubeMX but even if I tried to switch between clocks my code always get error with function:

RTC_EnterInitMode() in "Wait till RTC is in INIT state and if Time out is reached exit"

-So my RTC is never in init state. 
Yes I change WPR bits to 0xCA, 0x53 (CubeMx make it for me using __HAL_RTC_WRITEPROTECTION_DISABLE() macro)

Due this I always got 0 from TR RTC register, also alarms don't works for me.
I tried with switching RTC sources (HSE, LSE, LSI) but always the same effect and empty struct
Also set PWR_CR bit before clock configuration didn't help.

Can You check if stm32L152 works with cubeMX software? Or give me some tips how to run it.