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STM32F205RCTb USB OTG FS :Is Pull up required on DP

Question asked by singh.jagbir on Jan 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2015 by singh.jagbir
We are using USB FS ( PA11 / PA12 ) in device mode. We have grounded ID pin i.e. PA 10 .We have not used any Pull up or pull down on DP and DM pin  as described in eval board schematics STM32 20-21-45-46 G-EVAL USB_OTG_FS .

We received our actual application board with STM32F205RCTb, till now we were using Evaluation Board(STM3220G-EVAL).

We used USB Device sample example(stm32cubef2) in FS mode on Eval Board, it worked fine. IDE used is IAR

In our fabricated boards :

When boot loader is there i.e without any firmware loaded board in Host PC.  Now we are trying to port the eval kit code  into our actual board(STM32F205RCTb), however the board is not detected as device in PC(Host).

We modified target controller(STM32F205RC) and preprocessor(STM32F205XX) in project settings.

Is there any external Pull up required on DP to detect the board as device in PC.