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USART communication between stm32f407 and two stm32f030

Question asked by das.sanjib on Jan 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2015 by Clive One
I have written a code for USART communication  full duplex between stm32f407 and stm32f030 and it is working fine as soon as power on reset. The half duplex communication also working fine between two stm32f030 as soon as the power on reset.
BUT IF i connected the three together
The logic is f407 sends some cmd to 1st f030 through full duplex usart, after receiving that the 1st f030 send that data to 2nd f030 , the 2nd f030 processed the receives data and send back the process cmp ack to 1st f030 and 1st f030 sends the same ack to f407...and the loop continues.....
The issue is ,it doesn't happen in power on reset It happens after presseing the reset button of f407 (as f407 is master) for 8 times , always 8 times after that everything works fine but not in the 1st power on reset. I have debugged and I have seen that there is a frame error in the 2nd  f030 when the first packet is received. after 8 times reset packet is received fine(ther is no frame error) I have checked sending the received data of the 2nd f030 to the hyper terminal through the other USART....
Why it is working fine after 8 times reset but not in the first time....Can anybody face this issue. Please help