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stm32f030 usrt surprissing issue

Question asked by das.sanjib on Jan 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2015 by Clive One
I have written  two pieces of code for usart half duplex for the two f030 evaluation board respectively
The code workss as follows
In the first piece of code (named as board 1) the usart1 sendinng the data waitinng for the tc bit to sset an ddisable the traansmiitter and enablinng as receivver....waiting for the data from the board 2 to received when received interrupt happenss and again transmittinng the data and the loop continues...

In the second piece of code (named as seconnd board) waiting for the data in the while for the data to be received .after recceivving senddingg the data to thee firsst board and the loop ccontinnuues

Half duplex works fine n number of times   ....the problem is but if I swap the code if I make the board 2 to board 1 andd board 1 to 2 it doessnn't work....the sscenerio is board2 now (first piece of code practically saying now board 1) sends the data but board1 now(second piece of code practically saying board 2 doesn't sendds any ack.  I have debug the board 1 now board 2 it always goess to aa received interrupt even board 1 is not connnected....whaat may be the issue...
I am us ing PB6 in both the cases remember I am doing hhalf dupplex

Note ...I m havinng diifferent workksspace for ddifferent codes.   What may be the issue ...Please help