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Can I connect the ST Nucleo-F334R8 board using CAN (Controller Area Network)?

Question asked by dumitrescu.alex on Jan 11, 2015

I have the ST Nucleo F334R8 board (64 pin version/LQFP64). The datasheet of its microcontroller (STM32F334R8T6), which is advertised as having one CAN interface - the 2.0 B Active type says this regarding 4 of the microcontroller's pins (on the sub-topic of 'Alternate functions'): CAN_RX (pins PA11 and PB8) and CAN_TX (pins PA12 and PB9).

However, I can't really find anything in the datasheet of the board concerning Controller Area Network. Can I use the CAN interface of the microcontroller or not? I would like to connect the Nucleo-F334R8 to a different board using CAN (in the first instance and LIN afterwards). Can I do that by using just a couple of CAN transceivers (MCP2551)?