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F401-Nucleo board SPI with DMA problem

Question asked by ahmed.salman.003 on Jan 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2015 by ahmed.salman.003

I am successfully communicating between the nucleo board(master) and a TI(slave) launchpad using normal  SPI. e.g I can send a long character string from nucleo and receive it correctly at the launchpad.
Now I'm trying to use the DMA controller to data from memory to ST's SPI peripheral but I am facing some problem.
Sending a simple string such as "hello" results in the slave only getting "c".
SPI1->CR2|=SPI_CR2_TXDMAEN; //DMA request when TX empty flag set
    char dma_str[]="hello";
    //DMA2 STream3
        DMA2_Stream3->CR &= 0;
        while ( (DMA2_Stream3->CR !=0));
        DMA2->LISR &= 0;
        DMA2->HISR &= 0;
        DMA2_Stream3->PAR |= (uint32_t)&SPI1->DR;
        DMA2_Stream3->M0AR |= (uint32_t)&dma_str[0];
        DMA2_Stream3->NDTR |=0x9;
        DMA2_Stream3->CR |=(3<<16); //high prority
        DMA2_Stream3->CR |=(3<<25); //select channel 3
        DMA2_Stream3->CR |=DMA_SxCR_MINC;
        DMA2_Stream3->CR |=(1<<6); //direction
        DMA2_Stream3->CR |=DMA_SxCR_EN;

Any help would be appreciated.