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Nucleo L053 & IDB04A1 & IDB002V1

Question asked by singer.marc on Dec 24, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2015 by captainmark
We're looking to evaluate the Nucleo STM32L053 with the BlueNRG shield.  On hand, we also have the IDB002V1 eval kit for the BlueNRG.

We're following the documentation in AN4559 to evaluate the SensorDemo program.  A couple of questions came up almost right away.

1) There are two SensorDemo applications.  One is called SensorDemo and the other is called SensorDemo_GATTServer.  Which one is being evaluated in chapter 6 of the app note?

2) While we don't have the IDB003 dongle, we do have an IDB002v1 which ought to let us do the same things as the dongle.  We're following the directions in the app note and find that when we try to execute BLUEHCI_GAP_START_GEN_DISC_PROC, the status is 0xc for Command Disallowed.  What would cause this response?