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LSM303D Noise levels?

Question asked by everest.frank on Jun 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2014 by zhang.yang.001
I am using an LSM303D and find the noise level surprisingly high. I have configured it with the following parameters:
#define CTRL0          0b00000000     //for normal mode, filters by-passed
#define CTRL1           0b00011111     //update after read, and all axes of acceleration enabled at 3.125Hz
#define CTRL2           0b11000001     //50Hz anti-alias, +/- 2g, no self-test, (SPI 3-wire)
#define CTRL3           0b00000000     //No INT1 actions
#define CTRL4           0b00000000     //No activity on INT2.
#define CTRL5          0b01100000     //No temperature, high-res magnetic, 25Hz, no INT2 latching
#define CTRL6           0b00000000     //+/-2gauss sensitivity.
#define CTRL7          0b00000000     //normal acceleration filter, no Temp, magnetic always on, continuous conversion mode

I have it at a fixed position and static magnetic field and get the values shown in the attached XLSX file:
Could I improve it?