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STM3221G-EVAL and SSD1963

Question asked by ed@mtrx on Dec 4, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2017 by Chernobay.Vitali.001

I am using the STM3221G-EVAL board and trying to use a a different TFT display than the original that came with the board. The original display is an Ampire display that uses a Ilitek controller ILI9320.
The new display I want to use is a Newhaven display that uses Solomon SSD1963.

I have downloaded  the STemWinLibrary522 from ST website and tried on the EVAL board. This library is supposedly to be configurable to work with different controllers. However, with the Ampire display works fine, but when I switch over the New Haven display I got vertical colored lines. I have changed the LCDConf_stm322xg_eval.c file so the firmware will switch over the SSD1963 controller.

Hardware wise I made a breakout board to re-route the DB0-DB15 lines and control lines and everything there seems to be fine.

What would be the reason to get those vertical lines?
Is there anything else to change in firmware?