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STM32F4 Discovery board - audio directly from mic to amp

Question asked by rybak.krzysztof on Dec 2, 2014
Hi All,
I try to amplify audio obtained in mic(mp45dt02) with amp(
CS43L22 ) and hear the voice on headphones. The way to do this is not with STM32F4, but directly via PDM_OUT port.
This is possible as mic output is directly connected with low-pass filter and amp input afterwards(AIN4A, AIN4B).
The problem is how to configure the amp to such configuration. 
Here are some details:
- clock for mic is generated by controller, and I checked with logic analyzer that PDM signal is generated by mic
- I only configure I2C communication (not DMA and I2S) as data loaded from analog input and CS43L22  is in PASSTHROUGH mode. I can read/write registers of amp but don't know why there is no audio.

Did someone do such configuration and may share registers values?