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STM32F407VG Eval Board

Question asked by Jay on Nov 27, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2014 by Clive One
                   I am a beginner in the ARM Cortex Series and so far I could able to run some simple examples on my STM32F407VG Board. Currently I am working with a project where I need to establish the communication between PC(Windows 7) and the Board.

My actual aim is to play an audio file through Windows Media Player in my PC and I should get it on the Board so that I can listen through the audio jack provided on the board.

For this, I build the example program USB_Device from the STM324xG_EVAL(examples given by Keil Product), and connected the Micro A port to my PC through USB. But whenever I connect the Micro A port to PC, it is detecting as STM32 BOOT LOADER where the status is showing as      STM Device in DFU Mode and I could not able to play the file.

Can anybody please help me to sort out this problem for I am in very need of this.
Thanks in Advance.