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stm32F4 BACKUP SRAM and USB HID conflict

Question asked by Aminds on Nov 25, 2014
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by katira.jay

Hi, usb hid works form me great on discovery f4 but I have a problem with saving to backup sram and backup rtc after USB initialization. I would like to create a program, which is waiting for character from the USB then enters information into backup sram or backup rtc. Put data into backup memory works without USB initialization. But when I want to write something to it after the USB initialization compiler does not detect an error in the program but the memory content does not change, no entry into the memory. Initialization looks like this:

   USBD_Init (& USB_OTG_dev,
   & USR_desc,
   & USBD_HID_cb,
   & USR_cb);

Any ideas? I have tried many of variance startup but nothing is working. I did off usb global init, stop device, disconnect device... nothing seems to be working.

Every new idea will be helpful!

Regards. Amidns