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Question asked by maskey.abhas on Nov 7, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2014 by maskey.abhas
I am trying to interface an external SRAM with the stm32f407vg discovery board and i bumped into some issues with address pins not being available for FSMC.

As you guys might already know, the SRAM has both the Address and Data Pins. the one that i am using, is an IS61WV102416BLL 2MB SRAM. The problem i am facing now is that although the data pins D[0:15} are available in the discovery board, i realized the PFx pins which relate to the Address (in case of this ram i need [0:19]) are not available (some are, the once which are in the PDX pins). I found a code which I could work on and that configures the PFx pins to the very same SRAM but as i mentioned before, is not available in the stm32f407vg 100 pin package that the discovery uses. 



is there a way around this? could i use other GPIO's and use them as addresses?

I did do some research on this one and i read that one could use a latch(?) for multiplexing the address(?). is it possible to do it with the discovery board?

thanks in advanced for the trouble